Shan Mandora


  • September, 2013


  • Economics & Management, Exeter College, Oxford
Shan Mandora

Shan Mandora

Consultant, Teneo Consulting


I studied Economics & Management at Exeter College in Oxford. After taking some time out after university to travel across South America, I worked for a private equity advisory firm for a year before joining Teneo.

What made you pick Teneo?

Having worked for both large, multinational corporates, and smaller, entrepreneurial firms I knew that I preferred the latter. There tends to be real opportunity for career development – and Teneo Consulting division fits this mould perfectly.

What is the best part of your job?

Another benefit of working at a smaller firm is that management takes their responsibility towards employee welfare seriously. As with any professional services job, there are times when you have to work late towards the end of the project, but there are also plenty of times when you are out of the office early. The company has measures in place to make sure people aren’t stuck working late for too long, and these aren’t just gimmicks.

The culture at Teneo is not based around unnecessary face time – so there’s no staying late just for the sake of it.