Nick Brand


  • September 2015


  • BA French and Chinese Studies (Mandarin) – University of Nottingham
Nick Brand

Nick Brand

Consultant, Teneo Consulting

Why did you choose to join Teneo?

After working at a very large company for four years, I wanted to find somewhere that had the feel of a smaller company but still offered diverse work in a fast-paced environment. Having previously focused on operational work, I felt that Teneo's focus on strategy would expose me to a new discipline and help me develop different skills. The people were also a key factor, and when meeting people and coming for interviews I found everyone at Credo to be extremely positive about the firm and very welcoming.

What is your favourite Teneo memory?

There have been a lot of amazing experiences, but the best ones typically come when the whole company is together. Away weekends are the most obvious example of this, and result in some brilliant memories. From human pyramids and synchronised swimming, to Cirque du Soleil and the occasional pool party, these trips are always something to look forward to!