Maria Pereira


  • September, 2017


  • BSc Economics and Geography at UCL
Louise Mirallie

Maria Pereira

Associate Consultant, Teneo Consulting


I’m originally from Portugal, but moved to the UK to go to university. My previous work experiences included working for a consulting firm in Lisbon and a hospitality start-up in London. I took a gap year before joining Teneo – part of which I spent volunteering for a marine conservation organisation in Mozambique and the remaining time travelling through South America.

Why did you choose to join Teneo?

Having had the experience of working at a large consulting firm as well as a start-up, I realised I wanted something in the middle. Teneo offers the perfect balance of being a well-established firm but still providing opportunities for early responsibility, which is unique in the sector.

What is the best part of your job?

Firstly, the people – despite having only been at the firm for a short amount of time I already feel like I’m part of the Teneo family. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming which is what makes the occasional late nights almost enjoyable. Secondly, the varied and interesting nature of the work – in my first 2 months at Teneo I had already been on two completely different but equally interesting projects, one working at client site for a train operating company and the other a market review for a PE client.