Jeevan Dhillon


  • September 2016


  • BA Economics & Management – University of Oxford
Jeevan Dhillon

Jeevan Dhillon

Associate Consultant, Teneo Consulting


Before joining Teneo, I studied Economics & Management at Oxford, where I presented a radio show and DJ’ed semi-professionally. After graduating, I spent a year travelling with highlights including working at a digital media start up in India and hiking in the Canadian Rockies!

What is the most interesting project you’ve done in the last 12 months?

I recently spent two months working on the development of the commercial strategy for a leading rail franchise. This enabled me to work on propositions that will directly affect a large number of commuters in the UK and gain exposure to some of the most senior executives within the UK transport industry.

What are you involved in beyond project work?

I am a member of the Teneo Mental Wellbeing team which runs a range of great initiatives from mindfulness sessions to yoga during the summer. I have also been a steward of the Friday drinks trolley, another perk of Teneo life!