Edmond Tam


  • January, 2017


  • BA Economics – University of Cambridge
Edmond Tam

Edmond Tam

Associate Consultant, Teneo Consulting


Growing up in Singapore, I did military service before studying in the UK, where I frequently traveled to the US to grow an online tailoring service. However, I soon realised that my business knowledge was shallow, and became increasingly interested in pursuing business or finance as a profession, interning at Barclays before eventually joining Teneo full time.

What made you pick Teneo?

Teneo stood out from other firms during my applications – it’s a consultancy with a large range of projects, but with a really collaborative approach to developing the firm. I feel that I’m not just helping other companies, but am constantly trying to improve how Teneo works. It’s liberating and empowering being far more involved in internal development, especially after my experiences in large organisations.

What is the best part of your job?

The diversity of the work available, the opportunities to learn directly from senior members of staff, the disregard for “face-time”, and of course the people throughout the company who make working here enjoyable. There’s always something new and exciting to experience!